At age 18, when many prepare themselves to leave their home, children with special needs found that they had no home.

Bayis Sheli has cared for many children. We’ve watched them flourish, thrive and grow until they develop into budding young adults. 

When they reach the age of 18 their needs often increase and become more complex, creating a larger burden on their family and caregivers.

Bayis Sheli realized that because they are no longer eligible to children’s services, many of these children have very limited options where to go at this stage, meeting their religious and cultural needs as well. Parents were at a loss as to where to send them from here.

Our commitment in caring for these children only grew stronger as we embarked on our mission to establish a new adults unit in our successful, residential and respite care home.

In 2019 our adult unit was opened, with much support from parents who were extremely satisfied with our childrens unit’s services and supreme care.

Our adults unit is a residential and respite home for special needs and disabled young adults. We provide outstanding care, so that parents are at ease, knowing that their child is in the best hands.

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