Hydrotherapy Pool

Perhaps one of the most cherished rooms in our home, the hydrotherapy room offers a warm-water pool. The temperature, usually 32*C, and water pressure are customised to the pool user’s needs. With the addition of interactive projected lights, a hoist and 2 changing rooms, the pool is highly accessible and stimulating.

Music Room

The room is fully equipped with various musical instruments. Keyboards, drums and tambourines along with sound proof walls and a large TV screen for music call for hours of fun and noise. 

Sensory Room

Fitted with high-tech disco lights, a water bed and  interactive games, the room helps residents develop and engage their senses to create a soothing multi-sensory experience. The sensory room also features a floor to ceiling fibre optic cascade.

Softplay Room

Designed with bright colours, the attractive soft play room hosts a ball pool and a soft tunnel fitted with lights making it a fun play area.


Our state of art catering facility maintains supreme standards of hygiene. Our expert chef meets each resident’s individual dietary needs. This includes a Peg fed resident who is fed small increments of protein tailored to her dysphagia needs.

Our new chef, Miriam, has been cooking delicious and wholesome meals which all the residents are enjoying.”-Micki Herzog, Children’s Unit Manager


Purposely built with specialised beds featuring  gated sides and the ability to adjust the position of the bed. This ensures a safe and comfortable night to each of our residents. We know that little things like teddy bears  are a virtual good night kiss.


Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom which meets the needs of our highly disabled residents. Fitted handrails, hoist and a specialised Parker bath ensures the bathrooms are easily accessible for our highly disabled residents.

Imagination Zone

With its bright rainbow theme and relaxing atmosphere, the Imagination Zone is designed to bring out the creative side in all of our residents. Here they enjoy engaging art sessions with our new specialised art teacher, as well as other creative activities such as pot planting and musical instruments.


Making waves

For many of our residents with disabilities, who are frequently in pain or discomfort, their sessions in the hydrotherapy pool is their special time to feel free and relaxed.

    ⇢ Prevents their muscles from becoming atrophied
    ⇢ Releases their boundless energy
    ⇢ Residents swim four times a week
    ⇢ Supervised by fully trained lifeguard


Sing my song

Our home is bursting with laughs of happiness, squeals of delight and playful drumming to the symphonies that widen our hearts with contagious joy.

“Our music teacher, who comes in once a week to play the piano and sing with the residents, brings a sense of warmth and happiness into the home.” -Micki Herzog, Children’s Unit Manager

    ⇢ Led by our talented and skilled music teacher
    ⇢ Helps non-verbal residents express themselves

Imagination zone

Here’s a chance for our residents to express themselves creatively.

    ⇢ Coordinated by a talented and caring art teacher
    ⇢ Allows residents to draw, paint and have fun with messy play
    ⇢ Relaxing atmosphere


Raising the bar

At Bayis Sheli we keep moving.

    ⇢ Weekly exercise classes
    ⇢ Increases the resident’s muscle power
    ⇢ Boosts their health
    ⇢ Encourages them to work hard and persevere
    ⇢ Two residents at a time
    ⇢ Accompanied by their carers in addition to our qualified exercise teacher


Inclusive Gym

Help us build our vision of an inclusive gym where wheelchair users, residents with (physical) disabilities and residents with low muscle tone can strengthen their muscles to their maximum. The room is there, however, it is bare. We are waiting for you to equip our gym with xx,xx and xx so we can reach new goals.

Game Room

Get the ball rolling by sponsoring a game room. This is for hours of fun on rainy days. We’re waiting for a table tennis, air hockey table and a football table that will promote social interaction and unity amongst our residents.

Bus with Disabled Passenger Use

Hop into an UBER taxi or get a lift with your friend and you can go places. But for the residents at Bayis Sheli going out and about is far from simple. We need a 16 passenger wheelchair accessible vehicle and renting one each time is a tedious arrangement and a financial strain.

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